Code of Conduct

Reactiflux is the largest chat community of React developers. We make a deliberate effort to have a light touch when it comes to moderating, but we do have some expectations of how our members will behave.

This is not a legal document, members should follow the spirit of these guidelines. Everybody makes mistakes, and Reactiflux wants to be a place where you can grow, but your second chance does not have priority over others’ comfort.

“Staff” or “staff member” refers to both moderators and admins. MVPs are not responsible for moderating, but are held to the same higher expectations for behavior. Details of these expectations are on the roles page.


  1. Please be kind and courteous, friendly and professional. There’s no need to be mean or rude.
  2. Do not direct message someone unless they’ve granted permission in the server (or you need to discuss a moderation issue with staff). Reactiflux is a public community. Communicate in the open.
  3. Please use gender neutral language (Discord display names also work great!). If somebody requests you use a pronoun, please respect their wishes.
    • We are committed to providing a friendly, safe and welcoming environment for all, regardless of level of experience, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, neurodivergence, personal appearance, body, race, ethnicity, age, religion, nationality, or other similar characteristic.
  4. Respect that people have differences of opinion. Every design or implementation choice carries a trade-off and numerous costs. There is seldom a single right answer.
  5. Keep unstructured critique to a minimum. When providing help, answer their question before making stylistic or tool suggestions.
  6. Avoid using an alias or display name that might be offensive. Names that detract from a friendly, safe and welcoming environment for all will be addressed.
  7. Any form of harassment will not be tolerated. We will exclude you from interaction if you insult, demean or harass anyone. In particular, we don’t tolerate behavior that excludes people in socially marginalized groups. That is not welcome behavior. We interpret the term “harassment” as including the definition in the Citizen Code of Conduct.
  8. Likewise any destructive behavior is not welcome.
  9. Private harassment is also unacceptable. No matter who you are, if you feel you have been or are being harassed or made uncomfortable by a community member, please contact one of the staff, or submit a report anonymously. Whether you’re a regular contributor or a newcomer, we care about making this community a safe place for you and we’ve got your back.
  10. Follow our Self Promotion Guidelines when promoting a link or opportunity.


These are the policies for upholding our community’s standards of conduct. If you feel that there is a situation that needs moderation, please contact the Reactiflux staff:

We especially want to hear from you if a staff member or MVP has crossed the line.

  1. Remarks that violate the Reactiflux standards of conduct, including hateful, hurtful, oppressive, or exclusionary remarks, are not allowed. (Cursing is allowed, but never targeting another user, and never in a hateful manner.)
  2. Remarks that staff find inappropriate, whether listed in the code of conduct or not, are also not allowed.
  3. Staff will first respond to such remarks with a warning, either in the context where the remark was made, to the offending user in private, or in the form of a ⚠️ reaction on the offending message.
  4. If the warning is unheeded, and a staff member believes some time to cool off will resolve the situation, the user may be “kicked,” i.e., removed from the server but not restricted from re-joining.
  5. If the warning was heeded, but there’s a pattern of unacceptable behavior in non-technical channels, the user may be “restricted”, i.e., removed from channels where discussion of topics other than React and programming is allowed. These include #jobs-advice and #random.
  6. If behavior persists, the user will be permanently removed from the server. Reactiflux loosely follows a three strikes rule. These can be obtained in a matter of minutes, or over many months. Members who show genuine effort to improve will be granted more leeway on “forgiving” these warnings, and particularly severe transgressions will not get a second chance.
  7. Staff are held to a higher standard than other community members. If a staff member creates an inappropriate situation, they should expect less leeway than others.

Reactiflux wants to be the best chat community on the internet. We want you to grow your skills, your career, and the rest of yourself. Most of the server is strictly technical, but some channels may touch on sensitive topics. We don’t have a blanket ban on these discussions, but we ask you to keep it within the boundaries of “professional.” Discussions in non-technical channels may touch on controversial topics. These discussions are moderated very closely, make sure to adhere to this code of conduct.

And if someone takes issue with something you said or did, resist the urge to be defensive. Just stop doing what it was they complained about and apologize. Even if you feel you were misinterpreted or unfairly accused, chances are good there was something you could’ve communicated better—remember that it’s your responsibility to make your fellow members of Reactiflux comfortable. Everyone wants to get along and we are all here first and foremost because we want to talk about cool technology. You will find that people will be eager to assume good intent and forgive as long as you earn their trust.

Adapted from the Rust code of conduct, which is in turn adapted from the Node.js Policy on Trolling as well as the Contributor Covenant v1.3.0.