We have certain expectations for how members of the communities who have been distinguished with roles behave in the server. If you feel these expectations are not being met, Reactiflux staff would appreciate you reaching out. You can find information about how to do so on our contact page.

Star Helpers

Every quarter, we review the participation in the server for our most active, most selfless members offering their knowledge to folks asking for help. These members are all outstanding developers who have earned a rare achievement; of the thousands of active posters in Reactiflux, we recognize between 15 and 30 Star Helpers per quarter, and only around 40 per year.


MVPs are members who made an early impact in the server, without them the server would not be what it is.

MVP Emeritus

These people were added to the MVP role before we formalized a process for how it would be applied.


Our moderators are tasked with keeping the server on the right course. They're our trusted stewards of server culture, trusted to enforce the code of conduct and oversee server governance.


Our staff, (moderators and admins) share responsibility for day-to-day operation of the server, as members who have earned trust over years to safeguard Reactiflux. Our admins are those who have gone above and beyond keeping the community operating, completing a project that expanded what the community is.