Message the Staff

Reactiflux staff can be reached several ways.

  • The public #reactiflux-moderation channel (web link), if you’re a current member. This method is PUBLIC to the rest of the server.
  • Our in-Discord ticketing system in #moderation-reports (web link).
  • direct message any staff member in Discord. The staff member will share the correspondence or a summary with other staff for issues requiring wider input.
  • Email (if you’d like to propose a collaboration, business dealing, or be a guest for a live event, do this one).
  • Our anonymous contact form below. All admins and moderators will receive this, with no identifying information provided.

If you choose to reach out anonymously, bear in mind that we may not reference your message publicly. However, we will read, discuss, and act on any message received through this form. If you’d prefer to be contacted on another platform, please include your information as part of your message.

This form is anonymous and gives no identifying information or means to communicate back to the staff members who receive it. Any inquiry that desires a response must include contact information.

Again, we can not answer questions submitted via this form. It is anonymous, intended for submission of sensitive information like harassment or other moderation problems.