Self Promotion

Reactiflux's members do lots of cool stuff, and we'd love for you to share what you've done!

We have 2 channels where self-promotion is expected, and some other relevant channels as well. We ask that you share it only once, unless there's a significant milestone or it's relevant to someone's question.


New side projects, libraries, or other works you want to show off. This is predominantly meant as a showcase for individuals.

If you want to share an announcement of a new blog post, product, feature, or other effort, then this is the most appropriate channel. Reactiflux does not generally allow advertising, however.


Announcing an upcoming conference or discussing an ongoing conference are both encouraged here. In general, we'd prefer conferences limit their announcments to 1 per major milestone. When it's announced, near registration deadlines, and when it's about to happen would be appropriate.


Our job board is our most strictly moderated channel. Please only post at most once a week (there's some wiggle room on posting multiple positions, but please don't dump multiple postings). Posts should follow the rules and recommendataions in the channel description so they can be properly displayed and searched on our jobs page.

Self promotion vs advertising

The line here can be thin. Reactiflux is a community, not a marketing channel. If you have a body of content you'd like to promote, our recommended way of doing so is to be an active and positive member of the server. If someone has a question that you've created an external answer to, we'd love if you share it! Otherwise, we ask that you limit what you plug without prompting.

To help determine if what you want to share is an advertisement, here are some questions to help you decide.

You should be able to answer "yes" to:

  • Did you make it yourself or help make it?
  • Does it use or discuss React?

And "no" to:

  • Are you announcing an announcement?
  • Are you soliciting spec work?
  • Are you running a giveaway or contest?
  • Are you directly asking people to subscribe for updates?
  • Do people need to pay to benefit from what you're sharing?

We grant more leeway to members who have been active participants in the community, as well. If you're unsure, please post in #reactiflux-moderation or direct message any of the admins with your intended message, and we can help clarify.

We want the majority of what's shared to be created by genuine members of Reactiflux. That could be asking questions, sharing knowledge, or simply following along with the chat (drop a note in #introductions!).

Events, vlogs, and periodic content

If you're hosting a conference, livestreamed event, Q&A session or similar, you're welcome to share. We have a #conferences channel, but many events are probably best to share in #news-and-links. If you're sharing episodic content, please refrain from promoting each new episode—we'd prefer that you share the show/channel/etc itself. For long-running shows we ask that you only promote it sporadically.

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