This Month in React sponsor interest

Thanks for your interest in sponsoring This Month in React, how the professional web developers of Reactiflux stay up-to-date on the ever-evolving React and web ecosytem.

We’re still developing an audience, and will be offering discounted rates until we have a larger subscribership. Early sponsorship dollars will be used to develop our subscriber base.

As of March 2024, our stats show 371 subscribers (349 in February). Live attendance ranges from 120-250, with recordings typically listened to by 150-300 people, for a total listenership of ~250–500. Reactiflux is a highly global community of experienced professionals, with about 1 in 3 having more than 6 years experience.

Subscriber demographics:

We’ll reach out as inventory is available. The show follows this format:

  • Introductions
    • Headliner live shoutout + 45s ad read
  • Quick hits
    • Sustainer 30s ad read
  • News discussion (3-6 links discussed)
    • Supporter 15s ad read (2x)
  • Lightning round (3-6 links without discussion)
  • Outro

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