Q&A Schedule

We host one or two Q&A’s per month with Facebook Engineers and other interesting developers in the React community. These Q&A’s usually take place on Thursdays from 1pm - 2pm PT. If you want to hear from someone specific in the community, let us know by contacting us via Twitter or ping an admin or moderator in the #reactiflux-dev channel on discord.

Upcoming Q&A’s & Meetups

March 2019

Kent C. Dodds

  • https://twitter.com/kentcdodds
  • Engineer @ Paypal, Teaching via Egghead & Frontendmasters, and Author of react-testing-library, downshift, glamorous, & an all around good dude.
  • Thursday March 28th
  • 1-2pm PT
  • Q&A Channel Reactiflux

April 2019


May 2019

React Native Core Team @ Facebook

Janic Duplessis

June 2019

Vladimir Novick

Past Q&A’s

February 2019

Jamon Holmgren

January 2019

React Native Core Team @ Facebook

December 2018

Kyle Matthews & Gatsby Team

November 2018

Jeroen Ransijn

October 2018

No Q&A’s this month. Instead we have React Conf 2018!!

React Conf 2018

September 2018

Orta Therox

  • https://twitter.com/orta
  • Engineering Janitor at Artsy | Created Danger: which helps codify PR culture, co-runs an iOS dependency manager, Re-designer
  • Thursday September 6th
  • 1-2pm PT
  • Q&A Channel Reactiflux
  • Two Years of React Native by Orta Therox

August 2018

Benjie Gillam

  • https://twitter.com/benjie
  • Maintainer of PostGraphile - fast and secure GraphQL API for your PostgreSQL database (formerly known as PostGraphQL)
  • Thursday August 9th
  • 1-2pm PT
  • Q&A Channel Reactiflux

Sophie Alpert

July 2018

Norbert de Langen

Vincent Riemer

June 2018

Richard Threlkeld

Tanner Linsley

May 2018

Jared Palmer

Peggy Rayzis & James Baxley

April 2018

Tanmai Gopal & Vamshi Surabhi Rao

  • https://twitter.com/tanmaigo
  • Founder & Tech Lead @ hasura.io - Postgres-backed GraphQL backend as a service
  • Thursday, April 19
  • 1 - 2pm PT
  • Q&A channel on Reactiflux
  • Topic: Building a high-performance GraphQL engine for Postgres

Zack Argyle

Jordan Eldredge

March 2018

Sacha Greif

Official Reactiflux.com Meetup @ Docker HQ

January 2018

Brent Erickson & David de Regt

Johannes Schickling & Soren Bramer Schmidt

December 2017

Nicolas Gallagher

November 2017

Eli White

October 2017

Kurtis Kemple

September 2017

Nader Dabit

Charlie Cheever

July 2017

Henry Zhu

Christoph Nakazawa

June 2017

Leland Richardson

Johannes Schickling & Soren Bramer Schmidt

May 2017

Brian Vaughn

April 2017

Vincent Ning & Michael Paris

Andrew Clark

March 2017

On Break for React Conf

January 2017

Jordan Walke

Cheng Lou

September 2016

Ryan Florence

Christopher Chedeau

August 2016

Joseph Savona

July 2016

Jonathan Carter & Geoffrey Goh

Lee Byron

June 2016

Ben Alpert

Mike Grabowski

  • https://twitter.com/grabbou
  • React Native Core Contributor | RNPM Author
  • Thursday June 23rd
  • 11:30am - 1pm PST (730-9pm London time)
  • Topic is native modules, installing dependencies, tooling & native shipping
  • Transcript: Mike Grabowski

May 2016

Tadeu Zagallo

  • https://twitter.com/tadeuzagallo
  • Facebook React Native Core Team
  • Thursday May 12th
  • 11:30am - 1pm PST (730-9pm London time)
  • Q&A on reactiflux #react-native channel

Devin Abbott

April 2016

Dan Abramov

February 2016

Eric Vicenti