Q&A Schedule

We host one or two Q&A’s per month with Facebook Engineers and other interesting developers in the React community. These Q&A’s usually take place on Thursdays from 1pm - 2pm PT. If you want to hear from someone specific in the community, let us know by contacting us via Twitter or ping an admin or moderator in the #reactiflux-dev channel on discord.

March 2017

On Break for React Conf

April 2017

Andrew Clarke

Vincent Ning & Michael Paris

May 2017

Brian Vaughn

Past Q&A’s

January 2017

Jordan Walke

Cheng Lou

September 2016

Ryan Florence

Christopher Chedeau

August 2016

Joseph Savona

July 2016

Jonathan Carter & Geoffrey Goh

Lee Byron

June 2016

Ben Alpert

Mike Grabowski

  • https://twitter.com/grabbou
  • React Native Core Contributor | RNPM Author
  • Thursday June 23rd
  • 11:30am - 1pm PST (730-9pm London time)
  • Topic is native modules, installing dependencies, tooling & native shipping
  • Transcript: Mike Grabowski

May 2016

Tadeu Zagallo

  • https://twitter.com/tadeuzagallo
  • Facebook React Native Core Team
  • Thursday May 12th
  • 11:30am - 1pm PST (730-9pm London time)
  • Q&A on reactiflux #react-native channel

Devin Abbott

April 2016

Dan Abramov

February 2016

Eric Vicenti